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Here is a little bit about how I work...

First, I meet you exactly where you are. There is no judgment. My belief is that we are all trying our best to get our needs met and live as well as we can. Sometimes old ways of coping which may have once served to protect us and help us survive now only serve to hinder us. I believe that we CAN get unstuck. First we need to develop a new, caring and accepting attitude toward ourselves. As long as we are struggling against ourselves or shaming ourselves, we are caught in a holding pattern...a cycle we can't pull ourselves out of.


By coming to appreciate ourselves more fully, as human beings doing our best to navigate life, we create an inner environment which enables us to change. We can, without judgment, be gently curious about our inner world of thoughts, feelings and behaviors. As we bring our aspects, even the darker ones, to light and honor that they have had a role to play in our protection and survival- there is a shift. This is the process of healing. We are no longer warring with ourselves, shaming and driving ourselves. This frees up an incredible amount of energy to allow us to reflect on what is important to us to find meaning and purpose in our lives. Our desire for old ways of coping declines as we embrace possibility. 


To find out more, please contact me today for a free phone consult. 

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