Awakening Doula
A Gentle Path Through Spiritual Emergence


Awakening to your Sacred Self

In the midst of the dark and divisive times we are living through, a spiritual renaissance is happening as never seen before.  Awakening is a lifelong process, but the initial stages of awakening can be elating, frightening, calming and confusing all at once.  If you feel that your soul is calling you to step into your spiritual purpose, or you felt called in the past and pulled away, you may be ready for an Awakening Doula.
I call myself an Awakening Doula because I support you in your rebirth. As you go through the awakening process, you are both the birther and the birthed. You are opening yourself to the emergence of your true nature. I am here to support and guide you through the emergence of your Self. 
I use the acronym SACRED to help you gently navigate your awakening experience. Click here to learn more about SACRED.
My group is available online. In addition to eight 1.5 hour weekly sessions and one individual session, I have created a private Facebook group for group members to provide for daily support. We are meant to grow with the support of community!
​The cost of the group including your individual session and access to our online group is $550.
Please contact me through the form below to schedule a free consult by phone or for more information about upcoming groups.  I look forward to hearing from you!