Using the acronym


Will help you gently navigate your awakening experience

S for Sofening and Self-Compassion: We choose to view ourselves through a lens of compassionate acceptance. We embrace that, like all humans, we are inevitably flawed.


A is for Awareness and Acceptance: As our hearts are opened, we learn to shift our focus from what we lack to the abundance which is available to us. We come to see that we have a constant flow of divine support. 


C is for Curiosity and Conscious Intention: We continue to be curious about ourselves and open our hearts to what the universe wants to share with us. We build a daily habit of sacred ceremony to seek clarity of purpose and to root ourselves in the Sacred realm and to the Earth. 

R is for Recognition and Reflection: We come to understand that separation from ourselves, from others, and from the divine are different aspects of the same illusion. We recognize that we are not, nor have never been, alone. This is true even in the secret space of our own hearts. 

E is for Embodiment: We choose to consciously connect with our bodies. We pay attention to physical sensations we once ignored. We notice when we have harsh thoughts about our bodies and choose compassion over critcism. 

D is for the Dance of Rebirth: The inevitable result of our pursuit of Sacredness leads us to appreciate the universal cycle of letting go and being reborn. We come to recognize that all things: all thoughts, all attitudes, concepts and actions follow a cycle of birth, growth, decline , death and rebirth. We notce when we are clinging to a thought, a person or an inaccurate self- concept and choose to let it go. In this way, we are constantly making room for new growth and possibility. We attune our bodies and minds to the Dance of Spirit and we rejoice in it.