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White Sand and Stone

Stop Striving and Begin Allowing

You are trying as hard as possible to get through the challenges the universe has hurled at you. Perhaps you struggle to discipline yourself to make the changes you strive for. The answers you seek, the peace of mind you long for are already within you. Your truth is hidden beneath the critical noise in your headspace, the indecision, the frustrations, and the discouragement

If you prick your finger your body sends an army of blood cells to bring oxygen and nutrients to heal the wound.  Just like your physical self, your soul/psyche is ready and waiting to come to your rescue, ease your burdens, and expand your understanding of Who You Are. The voice of your soul is quiet. Healing begins when you stop striving to fix yourself and be gently curious and listen.

My clients become inner explorers. Together we are curious and gentle and give compassion to the parts that were once protective but now serve as obstacles to growth and healing. I draw from the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model and Mindful Self Compassion (MSC) to help my clients release the toxic energy that fuels self-destructive thought patterns. It is an inside job that can result in a sense of calm, knowing how to handle situations as they arise, and the ability to be more thoughtful and reflective in your relationships. You are no longer at the mercy of the committee in your head. You can free up headspace to emerge as more reflective, compassionate, purposeful, and self-aware. Reach out to experience a transformational shift to serve you for the rest of your life’s journey.

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